WiFi Dash Cam

1. In the configuration of front and
rear dual lenses, the lens switch icon
will be displayed.

2. When recording is turned off, the
video is muted. The recording icon
will turn light gray.

3. When the recording is paused, the
recording status will display red
“Video Paused”, and the icon
button will be displayed .

4. The captured photos will be
automatically stored in the “Camera
file” of the “Snapshot”.

Charged Monthly on Hosting

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  • Check Mark Unlimited Server Space
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  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • PayPal

TF card slot
Only TF small card insertion is supported.
Due to the system operation requirements, the TF card inserted here must
be a high-speed special card of C10 or higher, otherwise it will cause the
recorder operation failure. Up to 128GB memory card expansion.

Power switch
Press for 1 second to toggle between turning on recording and pausing
recording. Press briefly for 3~5 seconds to switch the switch switch state of
the recorder on and off.
Press and hold for more than 15 seconds, the system will restore the
factory settings, which can be used to restore the original account and
password of WiFi.

Reset hole
Once power is applied, use a sharp object to gently poke the button to
reset and reboot the system.

The built-in micro microphone can record sound synchronously with the
video, and the on/off operation is performed through the [Video Recording]
option of the mobile phone APP.

Rear lens mount
Use a 3.5mm headphone jack, which can be accessed from here if
equipped with a rear lens.

LED Light
Under normal recording conditions, the recording indicator flashes every
After the mobile phone APP is connected to the recorder, the WiFi
indicator light is always on; When there is no connection, the indicator flashes
every second.

USB Power inlets
When the standard power cord is connected from this hole, the other end
is connected to the on-board power supply.